Monday, August 06, 2012

Old Soul should never be lonely

A desire will always arise.
Desire and disappointment will always haunt.

Is it possible if they are simply removed from the man and his desire?
Do the solutions of all the problems in the world exist?
Can we avoid separations in human life?
Desire always rises when we feel deprived.
Can we fill up the discrepancy?
Is there where the sense of belonging was born, until we don't even know where to stop it?

The right path is always full of the right signs.
Looking for a soul mate is not as easy as you imagine.
The more difficult to be together, the more we try harder to get it.
Is it just a desire? How do you know
if that person is your soul mate?
How do we know if our wisdom and knowledge are enough for it?

Maybe we'll never know, and just try to grab it. Love and responsibility eventually get blurry.
Without passion, love is just a routine that is done because we are forced to do so.
Love has to be pure. Soul mate is made by two people who love each other, whose souls can't be separated.
Is soul mate created by ourselves or by God?
A desire that appears actually has to be spoken from heart to heart.
Doubts are possible.
Obstacles can never be avoided.
A relationship that is hard to be united usually are caused by those people around us and our own experience.
To find a soul mate, there is a long process that involves too much feelings of many people, and maybe it would hurt the closest ones because of the loss - but finally everything and everyone should admit that true love and soul mate can never be parted.